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Is Mise Cara (Irish for, ‘I am Cara’), is a brain disease foundation dedicated to Dr Kieran and Faye Mervyn’s beautiful daughter Cara Mia (2008 – 2019). Cara was diagnosed with a brainstem tumour in August 2018 and passed away in December 2019.

Brain cancer typically has a low chance of survival and unfortunately, most may not survive past the third year. As a result, funding for support and advancements in this area is limited.

With an intimate understanding of the patient’s complex needs, our aim is to empower them and their caretakers with the necessary resources for respite and short breaks. By contributing towards providing some level of relief, Is Mise Cara hopes to inspire all involved to fight through and overcome their adversities.



Holidays will be selected on the basis of the funds available and upon the Foundation’s understanding of those most in need. The Trustees of the Foundation will be the final arbiters of the selection process.

Holidays are critically important for alleviating stress, which in itself aggravates the disease. The foundation takes patients and their families away from the disease and the trauma that they are living through. 

Even family 'days out' and longer holidays are often widely unattainable for many people. Our breaks span single Yorkshire based days and weekends and week-long options for UK and eventually international holiday travel. This support enables us to offer space for positive memories and some quality time away. Based on advice from Yorkshire Brain Tumour Charity and Cara's parents own experience, during her many years of illness, it is clear that spending time away from home is important.

Our packages include 


Day trips: Train costs, Meal and event e,g, visit to Castle Howard / National Railway in York.


Weekend: two night breaks include transport and accommodation in Whitby with supplement for meals.


Week-long holidays: breaks in the Yorkshire Dales and Whitby include travel and accommodation costs.

We will require written permissions from the patient’s oncologist/clinicians before a holiday can be booked.


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The Foundation is registered at the Charities Commission and sets out to support patients and families going through the trauma of brain disease by giving them the opportunity of a holiday or respite. The Foundation’s work is stimulated by the CEO Dr Kieran Mervyn and the trustees and ambassadors.


The main goal is to raise funds and help patients and families through respite and holidays.  Enabling patients to focus more on rehabilitation and spending quality family time.

The Is Mise Cara Brain Disease Foundation was registered at the UK Charity Commission in October 2022. There are three Trustee Directors, Charles Stevens – Chair, John Croke and Claudia Rusenescu. Dr. Kieran Mervyn is the Chief Executive and Mrs. Faye Mervyn is the Chief Marketing Officer. 

The Foundation raises charitable funds in many diverse activities and sponsorships, but in part through the sale of books written by Dr. Mervyn and his wife.


The Foundation seeks to support families going through the trauma of this serious and often fatal disease by linking with other brain disease related charities and organisations. It will do this by way of offering financial and other elated support to enable the opportunity for breaks and holidays.


Through Dr. and Mrs Mervyn’s many contacts The Foundation is building up a group of supporters both locally in Yorkshire, in the UK and overseas. These are the Foundations Ambassadors and Sponsors.

Values Culture and Governance

We consider that it is important that the Foundation has appropriate Policies and Procedures in place governing our operations and backing up our Values and Culture. These policies are available upon application to the Foundation by a request via our Contact Us page and cover the following subjects:


  • Safeguarding

  • Conflict of Interest

  • Complaints

  • Bullying and Harassment

  • Social Media

  • Privacy and GDPR

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