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In Overcoming and Becoming, Mervyn and Johnson have demonstrated that surviving adversity, change, trauma, or setbacks is much more than surviving “the adversity”.

Our world is plagued by indescribable suffering and where loneliness and isolation have almost reached epidemic proportions. Sometimes, it seems as if we are living in the darkest predictions of the end times. Yet, this is only one side of the coin. More people are anchoring themselves in their inner strength, realising that their inner flame cannot be extinguished by anyone or anything. These individuals, acting from pure intentions and authentic connections, radiate light and warmth across our Earth.

Their inner light shines even brighter as the world around them seems to grow darker. They not only believe in a brighter future but also actively work to bring it into existence. They are the lighthouse keepers, ensuring the spark of hope remains lit in our world.

  • In the eye of the storm, there often lies a profound stillness that offers us the space for introspection.
  • This eye is us, and we are given a unique opportunity to not only look within but also let go of what no longer serves us, to surrender fully and continue our path of personal growth.

Dr Kieran Mervyn's follow-up book to Is Mise Cara: Orbs, Souls and Holy Ghosts and Signs from Cara and Beyond draws upon chapters from thirteen esteemed professionals from different sectors and industries who explain how surviving entails wiping the slate clean, making a fresh start, getting out of the rut, and moving on from adverse, traumatic, or life-changing situations.

Let's rediscover our inner strength and use it to contribute to raising the energetic vibration of our planet!


Overcoming and Becoming: The Art of Managing Change

  • The book is available for sale on Amazon UK by this link 


    The authors have kindly agreed to donate a significant portion of book royalties for the benefit of the Is Mise Cara Brain Disease Foundation.


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