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This book explores the concept of meaningful synchronicity. One may be open to the spirit world or attribute such phenomena to quirks of nature, flukes, accidents, coincidences, or pure luck.

Signs from Cara and Beyond: Messages from the Spirit World

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    Dr Kieran and Faye Mervyn’s follow-up book to Is Mise Cara: Orbs, Souls and Holy Ghosts includes global content from families who shared their experiences of the afterlife and synchronicities while grieving.


    This book will help the reader to comprehend human existence beyond the rational realm.


    It may help to lift the veil of the spirit world, opening doors to others who seek new dimensions of wisdom, knowledge, and enlightenment.


    Book royalties will support the Is Mise Cara Brain Disease Foundation in memory of Cara Mia Mervyn who died of a brain tumour in December 2019.


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